For Future – Discover and Support Ventures for Humanity’s Future

Discover and Support Humanity's Future

Don’t just worry about existential risks. Climate, space, AI safety, and biotech ventures are seeking talent, funding, advice, and more.

Take 10 30 60 minutes out of your social media time to learn, share and support the longtermist initiatives safeguarding humanity.

Longtermism is a movement focused on positively shaping humanity’s long-term future. This involves addressing existential risks that could permanently end civilization, like climate change and nuclear war, as well as thoughtfully advancing technologies, institutions, and knowledge to improve humanity’s prospects.

For Future is where altruistic individuals and organizations come together to positively shape our long-term trajectory.

How You Can Help


Discover organizations (including nonprofits, think tanks and businesses) working on progressing humanity and mitigating existential risks such as climate change, AI, and biohacking.

Share your talent

Share via full-time work, part-time work, freelancing, advisory calls, volunteering, and more.

Contribute money

Contribute via reward crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding, or donations.

Donate your time

Donate such as through participating in research, signing petitions, or sharing them to your network.


Our Mission

Humanity faces mounting existential threats. However, making a real difference often seems beyond individual reach, limited to volunteering, donating and lifestyle changes. 

Meanwhile, private companies, research institutions, and government bodies are making significant progress addressing these risks, but they still lack sufficient resources to fully achieve their goals.1

For Future helps people contribute their talent/money/time by connecting them with organizations and individuals working to solve existential risks. 

1 IMF Mobilizing Private Climate Financing in Emerging Market and Developing Economies, 2022