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Data science and analytics consulting services to effective altruism organizations.

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Data Science for Effective Good is a project started in 2022 that offers data science and analytics consulting services to effective altruism organizations.



  • Automation: AI is better than humans in many tasks, so we can improve orgs. That could include making Data Pipelines to help EA Orgs break down information silos and easily move and obtain value from their data in the form of insights and analytics.
  • Data Analysis: We need evidence, and data analysis gives that. A lot of data is publicly available but it’s not structured to make formal decisions
  • Improving operations: transparency, control and forecasting. better understand what is going on (analytics), more precisely predict (anticipate / envision) what will happen in the future (forecasting) and communicate transparently the most important information your processes yield to your audiences
  • General Data Science services:
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Data Cleaning Projects
    • Data Visualization and Dashboards
    • Chatbots
    • A/B testing
    • NLP-projects (e.g., text mining and named entity recognition for improving qualitative analysis)
    • Geographic Data Machine Learning Algorithms
    • Webcrawling
    • Datamining
    • Statistical Analyses – e.g. Impact evaluations,


The goal is to help EA orgs access top data science talent to work on high-impact projects that they otherwise may not have the capacity for.



It was started by Severin, Viktor, Georg, and Jaime who have data science backgrounds. They collaborate with volunteers interested in contributing analytics skills for good.



The project is currently in an exploratory phase focused on finding EA organizations that could benefit from analytics support. We are building a network of volunteer data scientists.



Possible future directions include expanding beyond just EA groups, doing more infrastructure projects, raising awareness of EA among tech talent, and identifying gaps in the wider data for good ecosystem.

How You Can Help

If you are interested on collaborating in an EA Project for a short period and have some of the skills above mentioned please fill in this form.

If you are not sure of your skills but still would like to help please fill the form. At the moment we cannot guarantee periodic emails with projects but we will keep your information and will contact you when we think there is a project where you could work on.


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