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Founder of For Future

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Hi there, I’m Ruby and I always find it a bit awkward to talk about myself (😅 introvert🙋🏻‍♀️).

I created For Future because, in the words of Toby Ord, founder of Giving What We Can, “We need a public conversation about the long-term future of humanity: the breathtaking scale of what we can achieve, and the risks that threaten all of us…There are ways that every single one of us can play a role.”

I was born and raised in Hong Kong to a stay-at-home mum and entrepreneur dad. I also spent primary school in New Zealand. I started my career as a Planner (Strategist) in Advertising before being enamoured with the changes technology was making in our lives and deciding to join the tech world as a Product Manager. After working for a few years as a PM and then as a Business Designer, I finally left the rat race to dedicate myself full-time to starting For Future.

For Future is my hobby but when I’m not working on it, I just like to spend time with family and friends, grabbing good food (from any culture), and watching a good movie (anything but sad romances!).

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All Longtermist Issues, Longtermist Infrastructure


Hong Kong

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Internship, Volunteering & Probono, Advice & Mentorship, Co-Founder, Reward Crowdfunding, Debt/Equity Financing

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Business Strategy, Product Management


1-2 hours per week