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Project Drawdown researches, develops, disseminates and implements science-based strategies for accelerating adoption of climate solutions.

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Non-profit organization

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Climate & Environment, Longtermist Infrastructure

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Users/Customers, Feedback & Research Participants, Grants, Sponsorships & Donations, Marketing & Exposure, Partnerships

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Grants & Subsidies, Donations

About Venture

Project Drawdown envisions a future where collective and informed action leads to a stabilized climate and thriving ecosystems. By disseminating knowledge on climate solutions, collaborating with multiple stakeholders, and inspiring global commitment, the organization believes that it is possible to fundamentally transform our world for the better.


Drawdown is the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline. This is the point when we begin the process of stopping further climate change and averting potentially catastrophic warming. It is a critical turning point for life on Earth.

To understand and advance climate solutions, it’s important to understand the sources of emissions (e.g. burning fossil fuels, plowing soils clearing forests) and nature’s means of rebalancing the climate system.


To reach drawdown, we must work on all aspects of the climate equation—stopping sources and supporting sinks as well as helping society achieve broader transformations.

Project Drawdown’s work focuses on four main areas:

Building a world-class Drawdown Science team. We’re growing our team of experts focused on accelerating global climate solutions who will provide critical insights, tools, and thought leadership to influential stakeholders and the broader public.

Building and releasing the Drawdown Roadmap and other frameworks. We’re developing new, science-based frameworks to guide the implementation of climate solutions in the most effective way.

Developing tools for stakeholders. We’re creating a suite of practical, web-based tools that help stakeholders in business, philanthropy, investing, and other areas advance science-base climate solutions.

Providing thought leadership. We’re shaping global discussions and actions to effectively implement climate solutions.


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In the Press
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How You Can Help
  • Donating: Financial contributions help support ongoing research and dissemination of the organization’s critical findings.
  • Discover, Learn and Act on Project Drawdown’s research and how-to guides
  • Collaborating: Partner with Project Drawdown to incorporate climate solutions into your organization’s operations or policy framework.
  • Share your thoughts with Project Drawdown on ways to solve climate change and what resources Project Drawdown can provide to support you
  • Spreading awareness: Share the organization’s research findings, engage in conversations about climate solutions, and facilitate a sense of ownership in addressing climate challenges.


San Francisco, CA, USA

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United States