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Nuclear Threat Initiative

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We’re transforming global security by driving systemic solutions to nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity.

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Non-profit organization

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Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence Safety, Biotechnology, Biosecurity & Bioterrorism, Longtermist Infrastructure

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Volunteers, Interns & Probono, Users/Customers, Grants, Sponsorships & Donations, Marketing & Exposure

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NTI is a nonpartisan, nonprofit global security organization focused on reducing nuclear and biological threats imperiling humanity. It was founded in 2001 by CNN founder Ted Turner and former Senator Sam Nunn.



NTI aims to strengthen global security by minimizing and, ultimately eliminating nuclear and biological threats. Its goal is to prevent catastrophic attacks with weapons of mass destruction and disruption.


Focus Areas

  • Reducing reliance on nuclear weapons and preventing their use
  • Enhancing biosecurity and reducing global biological risks
  • Managing risks from emerging technologies like artificial intelligence



NTI undertakes research and analysis, convenes experts, develops policy proposals, creates interactive tools, and works to raise awareness and drive action among governments and the public.



NTI is led by Executive Chairman Des Browne, Vice Chairman Joan Rohlfing, and President Ernest J. Moniz. The board includes distinguished leaders like Igor Ivanov, Sam Nunn, and Ted Turner.



NTI is primarily funded by philanthropic donations. Major supporters include philanthropists like Warren Buffett as well as foundations and corporations.

How You Can Help
  • Attend NTI events and seminars, either in-person in Washington D.C. or online, to engage in discussions on nuclear and biological threats.
  • Apply or share NTI job postings to help expand our team.
  • Take the Panel Parity Pledge to commit to diversity and inclusion of women’s voices in nuclear policy forums.
  • Take NTI’s WMD tutorials and quizzes to improve your understanding of these threats.
  • Support NTI with a one-time, recurring, estate, or planned gift.
  • Sign up for NTI’s email list to receive ongoing updates, newsletters, and alerts about our work.
  • Contact NTI to explore potential collaborations, partnerships, or other ways to get involved with our mission.
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