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Giving Green is a guide for individuals and businesses to make more effective climate giving decisions. We help you find evidence-based, cost-effective, and high-leverage organizations that maximize the impact of your climate donations.

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Non-profit organization

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Climate & Environment

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Volunteers, Interns & Probono, Users/Customers, Feedback & Research Participants, Grants, Sponsorships & Donations, In-Kind Donations (e.g. office space, equipment), Marketing & Exposure, Partnerships

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Grants & Subsidies, Donations

About Venture

In response to climate change, foundations, individuals, governments, and businesses are spending billions of dollars to tackle the crisis. But where should they put those resources? What are the most cost-effective, data-backed projects that are having a real impact in the climate fight?

There is an exciting plethora of climate initiatives that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but only some are based on the best available evidence. Supporting these highly effective initiatives is one of the most impactful climate action individuals and businesses can take. And we created Giving Green to help you find the organizations behind them


We are a team of climate scientists, economists and impact evaluation experts with decades of experience working at the intersection of evidence-based policy and the environment. We spend thousands of hours reviewing the studies, crunching the numbers and interviewing the experts, so you don’t have to.

We evaluate climate initiatives across different geographies, sectors, and approaches—from national charities to carbon removal projects to impact investment mechanisms—using rigorous impact evaluation methods. We then make expert recommendations that are scientific, actionable, and transparent.

We publish all of our research and deliberations, so you can be confident that our recommendations are scientific, transparent and actionable.

How You Can Help
  • For individuals and institutional donors
    • Give to highly effective climate organizations, or support Giving Green’s operations to keep our research freely available
  • For businesses
    • Check out our comprehensive guide on effective corporate climate action
    • Schedule a bespoke consultation to see how you can maximize the impact of corporate climate strategy
  • For anyone
    • Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive research and recommendations on top climate nonprofits
    • Provide feedback on our work and suggestions for future research


San Francisco, CA, USA

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Anywhere in the world