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Fulcrum Bioengineering is a clean energy company and a pioneer in the development of projects designed to produce net-zero carbon transportation fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel, from an abundant resource – landfill waste.

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For-profit company

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Biotechnology, Biosecurity & Bioterrorism

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Full-Time Talent, Partnerships

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Grants & Subsidies

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Fulcrum is committed to tackling two significant global challenges – providing the aviation industry with clean, sustainable aviation fuel to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum fuel and reducing the amount of waste we dispose of in our landfills.


Fulcrum aims to produce renewable, drop-in transportation fuels at scale from an abundant and low-cost source that doesn’t need to be grown or pulled from a well: household garbage.

Fulcrum’s solution is to develop a proprietary and proven process for converting landfill waste into net-zero carbon transportation fuels including sustainable aviation and diesel.


Notable Investors

UK Department for Transport supports the transport network that helps UK businesses and gets people and goods traveling around the country.

BP Ventures is a venture capital firm that identifies and invests in private and high-growth technology companies.


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What Fulcrum BioEnergy’s Breakthrough Means for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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For partnership opportunities, careers, or any other inquiries, get in touch with Fulcrum.



Pleasanton, CA, USA

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