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For Future is a social network meets classifieds connecting individuals and organizations to collectively address humanity's existential threats through contributions such as talent, money and time.

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Non-profit organization

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Longtermist Infrastructure

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Full-Time Talent, Part-Time Talent, Volunteers, Interns & Probono, Advice & Mentorship, Users/Customers, Feedback & Research Participants, Grants, Sponsorships & Donations, Marketing & Exposure, Partnerships

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Grants & Subsidies, Donations, Equity Funding

About Venture

The Problem
There is a growing awareness among the general public about longtermist and existential risks such as pandemics, climate change, and advanced AI. However, individuals often feel powerless and struggle to make a meaningful impact in addressing these threats. Their contributions are typically limited to volunteering, donating, or making lifestyle changes.

Meanwhile, private companies, research institutions, and government bodies are making significant progress towards longtermist goals. For example, the private sector has invested billions of dollars in renewable energy, AI, and its safety protocols, driving substantial advancements. Yet, humanity is still falling short of its goals. Take climate change, for instance: In 2021, the IMF reported climate financing of $630 billion. However, an estimated $3 trillion was required to maintain the 1.5°C pathway—a crucial benchmark to stave off the irreversible impacts of climate change. In the report, the IMF calls for a major shift to harness public and private financing to tackle climate change.

Despite the desire of organizations to obtain resources and individuals’ eagerness to contribute, there is currently no clear avenue for them to connect and collaborate effectively. As a result, the potential for collective action in addressing existential threats remains untapped.


Our Solution
For Future aims to address this gap by facilitating connections between individuals and organizations, enabling them to contribute their talent, money, and time to solving humanity’s existential risks. Think of it as a LinkedIn for your social impact life, where you can connect with ventures and like-minded individuals actively working on these pressing issues.

Echoing the words of Toby Ord, founder of Giving What We Can and author of “The Precipice,” “We need a public conversation about the long-term future of humanity: the breathtaking scale of what we can achieve, and the risks that threaten all of us…There are ways that every single one of us can play a role.”

How You Can Help

We’d love your support in the following ways:

Join For Future

  • Update your profile and post on the platform
  • Let us know any feedback (DM here or email us)
  • Help spread the word – share For Future with your friends, longtermist organizations, content creators, and partners

Work with Us

  • Content creation (writing, visuals)
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Researching and writing grants
  • Startup advisor familiar with social networks and crowdfunding

Support through Funding

If you know of any relevant grants or donor opportunities that could provide funding, we would greatly appreciate any referrals.


Please reach out via DM here or email to get involved. We appreciate your support!



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Anywhere in the world



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Full-Time Talent, Part-Time Talent, Internship, Volunteering & Probono, Advice & Mentorship, Co-Founder, Feedback & Research Participation, Grants, Sponsorships & Donations, In-Kind Donations (e.g. office space, equipment), Reward Crowdfunding, Debt/Equity Financing, Marketing & Exposure, Community & Network, Education