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Helping organisations and individuals to improve the world counterfactually, by offering consulting services and bringing impact-driven talent together

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cFactual is a new, EA-aligned strategy consultancy with the purpose of maximising its counterfactual impact. Our goals are to execute high-expected-value projects*, while building a talent pipeline of consultants for high-impact organisations.


Theory of Change

cFactual aims to provide value through three different services:

  • Explore the right allocation of money and talent
    • We can help analyse the viability of a potential project or spending decision, develop a multi-year organisational plan, or help with goals and prioritisation of activities.
    • Case Study: Workplace and professional groups strategy for Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA)
  • Optimise theories of change (ToCs) and key performance indicators (KPIs)
    • We can help define the ToC, identify uncertainties and key assumptions, and set up a progress tracking system with fast feedback loops.
    • Case Study: ToC evaluation and KPI design for GovAI’s fellowship program
  • Execute high-stakes projects on short notice
    • We can help with time-sensitive decisions, manage urgent projects (like a crisis response), or support large-scale fundraising.
    • Case Study: C-level workshops for Fit For Purpose within four weeks


We work with hires, visiting consultants and contractors on various projects over short time periods. This grows their career capital, provides insights into various EA orgs and topics, and enables them to transition into EA careers.


*We define a project as a limited time period with a set of activities aimed at previously agreed goals. This is the definition used in many professional services firms. By “executing … projects,” we do not mean “incubating organisations” or “starting organisations”.

We will not work on projects with long time horizons (>18 months), or deep technical or philosophical questions. We will apply insights from these areas in our services.



Vienna, Austria

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