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AI Objectives Institute

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Our objective is better objectives: for artificial intelligence, markets & humanity

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Non-profit organization

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Artificial Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence Safety, Longtermist Infrastructure

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Volunteers, Interns & Probono

About Venture


AOI is a nonprofit research organization focused on beneficial deployment of advanced AI. We aim to align AI and other systems with human values.


How We Work

AOI runs coordinated research programs to build advanced tools to solve misalignment within AI and human systems. Our aim is to avoid large-scale economic, institutional, and environmental catastrophes while creating new tools to improve human flourishing.

To achieve this goal, we identify misalignments and the tools that can help resolve them. We then build these tools within collaborative research groups – led by experts from a range of disciplines. Each program has a research sub-group that builds frontier knowledge within its domain.

After developing and validating a tool’s impact, we release it. It can then grow its impact within other contexts – non-profits, for-profits, open-source libraries, or independent research programs. Our work is to turn world-changing ideas into real-world tools.


Focus Areas

We investigate intersections of society and technology:

  • Alignment of Markets, AI, and Other Optimizers – How do we align these large-scale coordination systems with the needs and values of their constituents?
  • Scaling Cooperation with AI Assistance – How can recent AI advancements help us better coordinate large groups of people
  • Human Attention and Epistemic Security – How can we help people take actions in line with their values in an increasingly confusing information ecology?
How You Can Help


AOI needs a range of disciplines, use cases, and groups to co-build research and tools toward a better future. Email us at


Volunteer/Work With Us

Join and advance the mission. 85% of our team are expert volunteers from advanced AGI labs to Oxford University.

Team members accelerate their research interests and wish to improve the world within our collaborative and effective programs. Email us at



We are actively funding current and future programs to build the tools needed for human flourishing. Donate here.


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Oxford, UK

Where We Work

Anywhere in the world, United Kingdom