• Best way to increase awareness of For Future?

    Posted by Louis on September 20, 2023 at 11:26 am

    As For Future begins to build out capabilities what are some ways the company can increase user adoption and user numbers?

    • Targeted social media marketing – Run ads and promotions on established platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to attract early adopters.

    • Viral growth loops – Design the core experience and incentives to encourage existing users to invite more people (friends, followers, connections).

    • Compelling initial value proposition – Clearly articulate what problems the new platform solves or experiences it provides that are currently unmet.

    • Strategic partnerships – Collaborate with influential individuals, brands, publishers etc. to seed the network with engaged communities.

    • Work with key opinion leaders/influencers – Identify and incentivize initial power users who can help evangelize it to their follower bases.

    • School/university outreach – Partner with student bodies and clubs to launch on campuses where word of mouth can spread quickly.

    • Context-specific features – Build features that strongly appeal to niche interest groups like gamers, creators etc.

    • Mobile-first experience – Optimize for discovery and sharing on smartphones where newer networks live or die.

    • Viral referral programs – Incentivize users to invite friends with bonuses, points, virtual gifts etc.

    • Ongoing marketing/PR – Maintain momentum with publicity stunts, exclusive early access programs, discussion of product updates.

    Any other suggestions?

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