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About Magnify Mentoring

Magnify Mentoring supports, inspires, and connects a global community of women, non-binary, and trans people of all genders who are motivated to have a positive impact with their careers and lives. Since starting in 2019, we have grown to a global network of over 500 community members, spanning over 50 countries, and all inhabited continents. We are piloting projects to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of expanding our services to support more people with mentorship, specifically those from traditionally underrepresented groups.

How it works

Our team and expert advisors pair mentees who are interested in pursuing high-impact careers with more experienced mentors for a series of one-on-one meetings. On average, mentees and mentors meet once a month for 60-90 minutes. To facilitate discussion, we provide optional prompt questions. Through our Slack and multiple networking events we offer mentees access to a broader community with a wealth of professional and personal expertise. We also run training led by external professionals on a diversity of topics such as public speaking, building networks, and setting professional and personal boundaries, catered to our mentees needs.



Meet The Team


Kathryn started her career by securing an undergraduate and master’s degree in Law, with a focus on International Law and Human Rights. Prior to starting Magnify Mentoring, she spent the entirety of her career in civil society, working in five countries on human-rights public interest litigation, legal research, and lecturing. She later worked in project management and philanthropic outreach, encouraging donors to support evidence-based and impactful organizations. She founded Magnify Mentoring in 2019 and continues to act as a Consultant on diversity and inclusivity and evidence-based donation strategies.


Catherine is Groups Support for the EA Local Groups team of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). She has held many roles as a Community Builder for Effective Altruism including as a founding member of Effective Altruism New Zealand, compiling resources for the LEAN Project, and acting as a manager for SHIC.


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